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Windows 7 Manager 2.0.024-07-201579%
Windows 7 Manager 2.1.024-07-201579%
Windows 7 Manager 1.1.124-07-201578%
Yamicsoft Windows 7.Manager v1.2.125-07-201577%
Windows 7 Manager v1.2.424-07-201577%
Yamicsoft Windows 7.Manager v1.1.525-07-201576%
Windows 7 Manager 2.024-07-201574%
Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager 1.1.425-07-201572%
Windows 7 Manager 2.1.0 32bit/64bit24-07-201570%
Windows 7 Manager 2.224-07-201570%
Yamicsoft Windows 7.Manager x64.v1.1.225-07-201567%
yamicsoft windows 7 manager V 1.2.024-05-2016100%
Windows 8 Manager25-11-201573%
Yamicsoft Windows 7.Manager v1.1.625-07-201567%
Windows 7 manager v3.0.324-07-201560%
Windows 7 Manager24-07-201559%
Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager 3.0.125-07-201557%
Windows 7 Manager 2.x.x24-07-201555%
Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager25-07-201546%
Yamicsoft Windows XP Manager v8.0125-07-201548%
Windows xp manager 7.0.9 or 7.x.x24-07-201546%
Yamicsoft Windows 7.Manager v1.1.825-07-201542%
Windows 7 Manager v4.1.324-07-201536%
Yamicsoft Windows 7.Manager v1.1.925-07-201537%
Windows 7 Manager v 2.0.0 (32bit-64bit)-SiLviu6924-07-201531%
Windows 7 Manager v1.2.824-07-201523%
Windows 7 manager 2.0.624-07-20153%
Dekart SIM Manager v2.1022-07-201533%
SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v2.9.1024-07-201533%
Latshaw Systems KJ File Manager v2.4.1022-07-201516%
Invoice Manager v2.1.1022-07-201514%
Vista Manager v2.0.124-07-201587%
Digital Document Manager v2.722-07-201561%
WiFi Sharing Manager v2.0.0.024-07-201560%
Vendant Software Flash Card Manager v2.8.3.188224-07-201559%
Stat Manager v2.024-07-201550%
Invoice Manager v2.1.1722-07-201550%
Dekart SIM Manager v2.722-07-201545%
Ue-Ei-Manager v2.07 German-DVT24-07-201545%
Vendant Software Flash Card Manager v2.6.2.161324-07-201544%
SecureKit Secure Password Manager v2.3.224-07-201544%
Stat Manager v2.0.3.024-07-201544%
BitDefender Enterprise Manager v2.6.021-07-201543%
Hillstone Invoice Manager v2.1.0422-07-201544%
Proxis Stock Manager v2.323-07-201543%
Dekart SIM Manager v2.522-07-201541%
Blue Pointe Software Football Stat Manager v2.1.1.021-07-201542%
Blue Pointe Software Basketball Stat Manager v2.0.3.021-07-201540%
Rugby Manager v2.0823-07-201543%
Falco Manager v2.022-07-201538%

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